Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge Kickoff!

Happy Healthy Holiday Kickoff!

We are here to help you stay motivated throughout the holiday season! We have a Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge in store for you and we’re launching it with some special classes, workshops and events! From TRX date night to nutrition workshops and 5Ks-join in on the fun and stay motivated throughout your holiday season!  For more information on how to enter our contest click here: NEWSLETTER


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We’re kicking off our Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge with the Colt State Park 5K! Come run with us! Click on the following link to register and receive an early bird rate! Colt State 5K

About healthyzengirl

Life truly is an adventure! I’m navigating all it’s twists and turns on the weekly. And all the while, I’m working on balancing coaching, motherhood and family life. Some days I’m riding high, other days I’m treading water. Come explore with me as I dive into all things healthy!
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