Thrive-Women on the Move!


Check out our series about Fitness Fusion women who inspire us!  We are grateful for the energy these students bring to our studio each class.


Over the past 7 months, I have been participating in classes at Fitness Fusion with great success both physically and mentally. For me, the sense of well-being I receive from being active on a regular basis far outweighs the physical benefits. The good news to share is not only what I have lost since August – 7 lbs and 11 inches – but, I also want to share what I have gained from my new fitness routine – positive energy that extends into other areas of my life. This sense of physical and mental well-being is what keeps me committed and motivated to my fitness routine. I thrive on this energy! ~Nancy B.


1620676_374788955993938_1084517075_nWomen are amazing! This is Lindsay Jacobs working out in our TRX Sculpt class when she was 32 weeks pregnant. “Staying fit keeps me both physically and emotionally balanced. It also gives me the energy to keep up with my small children who seem to never tire. Being a mother, it is hard to take the time in order to get in a workout but the benefits are always worth it. There has never been a time when I feel worse after working out, it consistently puts me in a good mood and forces me to see myself in a positive light and that’s definitely enough to motivate me! I am thankful to have such an amazing group of ladies to stay fit with.” ~Lindsay



“I am dedicated to running and fitness because of the positive way I feel mentally and physically when I am doing it and when I am done. I have learned to accept in life that there are so many things out of our control. BUT – Fitness is not one of them!! We ALL – on some level – have the ability to get fit and improve how we feel. That is so empowering to know that I can do something to increase the chances of my being happier and healthier for a long time to come. I am dedicated to my own fitness because of how much I love and cherish the people in my life. The more fit I am – the more I have to give. We have the choice to not put ourselves last – and that is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the people we love. It’s important to me that my three sons get to see a strong and happy mom making good decisions for herself and her family. And – I am so happy Fitness Fusion has become part of the plan in my life to stay fit – let’s get out there!!” ~Jill Bogdanovic


1901778_366547466818087_1741624638_nPrior to being a mom, my workouts were primarily a way to lose weight or keep weight off. But since becoming a mom, my mind set has shifted and now I workout to be healthy. By changing the way I think about fitness, I’ve come to enjoy it and look forward to my daily workouts. The friendships I’ve formed through Fitness Fusion have helped me be accountable by knowing that a group is waiting for me either for a run or a class. Having people who just “get” me has brought about a sense of community and belonging, and I’m so thankful for meeting the students of Fitness Fusion! ~Nicole McGovern







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Life truly is an adventure! I’m navigating all it’s twists and turns on the weekly. And all the while, I’m working on balancing coaching, motherhood and family life. Some days I’m riding high, other days I’m treading water. Come explore with me as I dive into all things healthy!
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