Welcome to Fitness Fusion!

Welcome to Fitness Fusion! A fitness studio created by women for women, with strength, barre, and spin fusion classes!  Workout in a small group setting or receive customized workout plans from an expert personal trainer and feel better than ever!  In addition, to small group classes, and personal training we offer semi-private Pilates reformer classes.

We love our down to earth community at Fitness Fusion! Thank you to all of our students and team members who make our studio an encouraging and fun atmosphere where we can reach our goals and feel better than ever! Hear what our students have to say about our studio and learn more about how we can help you reach your health and fitness goals too!

Choose Your Experience


Personal Training
Private Pilates Reformer, Chair, & Mat Sessions-View our pricing link for more information on a variety of ways to fit personal training into your schedule.

Work with a personal trainer and/or Pilates instructor who will customize your workout program and help you maximize your results in one-on-one sessions. As part of your weekly private sessions, you have the option of receiving e-mail coaching and nutritional guidance.  Sessions can range from 30 min.-60 min. depending on your goals and budget.

Group Exercise Classes
*$12 drop in
*$100 for a 10 class card (Save $20)
*$50 for a 5 class card (Save $10)

Currently all group exercise classes are on a drop in basis.  Fitness Fusion offers a variety of cutting edge fitness classes that will keep you motivated and inspire you to be consistent with your weekly exercise program. From Piloxing to TRX, Bristol Barre Blender to Vinyasa Power Yoga, you will have the opportunity to take classes that will challenge you to play with your edges and help you achieve the results you’re looking for!

Fitness Challenges
Throughout the year Fitness Fusion offers a variety of challenges to help keep you focused on your health and fitness goals! From our Healthy Holidays Challenge to our Fit N’ Fierce Personal Coaching Challenge, we offer a variety of motivating programs to help you achieve results and make a lifestyle change for the better! Students have lost inches, increased their fitness level and changed their eating habits as a result of joining our challenges. E-mail Fitfusionri@gmail.com to receive more details about committing to an 8 or 10 week program.

Small Group Training-$20 per person.  Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling 401-603-6282 or e-mailing us at Fitfusionri@gmail.com

Want to share the cost of a personal trainer?  Work out in smaller groups of 3-5 people. Exercise with friends or join in on a group set up by our trainers. You will receive a more intimate work out experience in a small group setting that enables you to receive focused instruction from a professional.

About healthyzengirl

Life truly is an adventure! I’m navigating all it’s twists and turns on the weekly. And all the while, I’m working on balancing coaching, motherhood and family life. Some days I’m riding high, other days I’m treading water. Come explore with me as I dive into all things healthy!
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