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Slow and Steady

I may have run slow today but I still ran!
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I am continuously amazed by the way the body was designed. Just one week off from running and my stamina decreased, my speed reduced and energy for running was just not on par. I definitely had fleeting thoughts going through my head like, “If you don’t pick up the pace, you’ll never get back to your average speed you held at your peak.” and even, “Maybe you’re running days are coming to an end!” Yes, those anxiety ridden, worse case scenario thoughts flashed through my mind, because that’s the very primal human part of me that is programmed to panic. However, the personal trainer in me always wins out-thank goodness! And louder thoughts coach me through the run, “You can do this!” “Just one more minute and you’ll get over this hill.” “At least you’re out here doing the damn thing!”

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I can totally understand how many of my clients and students get discouraged when they take time off from working out. I have been running consistently since I was 17. And now that I’ve chosen coaching as a profession, I live and breathe motivation. It’s a habit I get to practice all day long. I can imagine that it takes a tremendous amount of will power for someone who hasn’t worked out in months, or is just coming back to the gym after having a baby to muster up the strength and confidence to get back at it.

Please don’t ever get discouraged, down on yourself or ever, ever give up. You must know that as long as you put one foot in front of the other, even if you go slowly, you will you gain your strength, stamina and energy back.

Top 3 Get Moving Tips
1. Make an Appointment with You! Circle the date in the calendar that is your Get Moving Date! Whether it’s been a few weeks, months, or even years there is no time like the present baby! Call your local gym or do some research online and search for a personal trainer. Set up an appointment for a one on one consultation. When we’ve set a date with someone else, we’re just more accountable to not flaking out.

2. Link up with a buddy and book a class! If your budget is tight, and personal training isn’t an option, call your girlfriend and book a girl’s day out. Scout out a few local fitness studios, and talk to the manager to get the 411 on their class schedules so they can help you pick the perfect one for you! After class, grab a healthy lunch-and put a new spin on get togethers!

3. Small Steps=Big Change! After work make a plan to lace up and head out! Aim for small distance goals each week. Start with a 1 mile walk one week, and build from there. The key is, don’t miss a week! In 6 weeks you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come by adding .5 extra to your mile.

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Life truly is an adventure! I’m navigating all it’s twists and turns on the weekly. And all the while, I’m working on balancing coaching, motherhood and family life. Some days I’m riding high, other days I’m treading water. Come explore with me as I dive into all things healthy!

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