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Quick Circuit for the Road!

Need a quick body weight circuit you can do on the road? I’ve got you covered. With August being one of the biggest vacation months of the year, you’re going to need some moves you can bring with you while you’re on the move!

You can do my quick body weight circuit off a beach wall or park bench. You can even use a hotel chair!

Complete 3 Rounds of Exercises 1-5

20 Single Leg Tricep Dips-10 with Rt. leg lifted/10 with Lt. leg lifted 

  • Lengthen your spine, open your chest and shoulders and point your elbows back as you dip.  Lift one leg up to intensify the exercise and lift more of your body weight.  Dip as low as you can!
  • Less intensity: Keep both feet on the floor, or bend both knees.

 24 Mountain Climbers

  • Maintain a plank form with the heels, hips and shoulders.  Draw your navel in and up throughout.  Drive knee close to chest.  Strong tempo, while maintaining tight form.
  • Less Intensity: Walk the climbers instead of jumping.

Step Up to Reverse Lunge 12 Each Leg

  • Drive up through heel and glutes.  Maintain fired up core muscles to aid in balance. Keep your eyes on one focal point as well for balance.  Step down with control and into a reverse lunge.  Keep spine upright throughout.
  • Less Intensity: Repeat the Reverse Lunges only in place.

Wall Hop Overs

  • Maintain a flat back.  Keep wrists beneath shoulders and head in line with spine.  Using the power in your glutes and thighs, propel both legs over a beach wall or park bench.
  • Less Intensity: Walk your legs over one at a time.

Decline Push Ups 

  • Maintain plank form throughout.  Lead with chest and be sure that lower back does not cave in.  Fire up your entire body to help keep proper alignment throughout the exercise.
  • Less Intensity: Do bent knee pushups on the grass.


There’s always a way to fit in movement, even when you’re on the road!  If exercise help lift your mood, increases your energy and just makes you feel awesome throughout your day, then there’s no reason to leave it behind when you’re traveling.  Eat, drink, be merry  and move ; )

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