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How This Fitness Pro Eats on Vaca

Do I have an actual vacation plan when dining out?  No, not really.  But I’ll tell you this, I do think about how I want to eat while on holiday and how I want to feel.  One things for sure, I want to enjoy myself, and that means experiencing the local food wherever we go.  I also know that I want to feel good, and not like I can barely get up from a dinner table because I’m in a food coma.

I haven’t always been at a place where I’m in tune with my eating the way I am now.  It’s taken years, and it’s a big plus that I’m in an industry that helps me prioritize my health! Truth is when I’m eating lots of veggies and whole foods I just feel so much better, more energized, I sleep better, and my skin looks healthier.  So I choose to indulge, but I also spend time seeking out healthy markets and restaurants when I’m away.

I stick with an 80/20 style of eating when not on vacation. (80% whole foods, 20% organic snacks and wine on weekends) I also enjoy one cheat meal a week, because deprivation just doesn’t work for me.  When I’m on vacation my eating style is more like 70/30 and I enjoy a few more treats 🙂

When visiting Nantucket last week, I had so much fun trying new restaurants and cafes on the island.

The Lemon Press was one of our first stops.  It’s a chic, and comfy cafe/bar where I enjoyed a salad for lunch and an acai bowl for breakfast one morning.  When choosing meals I often stick with protein and fiber and I go lighter on the carbs.  Loved this acai bowl, and I’m looking forward to trying to recreate it for a Sunday breakfast at home.

Berry Acai Bowl with Almond Butter & Flax Seed-The Lemon Press

For dinner, I was all about the seafood!  Nautilus was hands down one of my top ten all time favorite restaurants I’ve ever eaten at-no doubt! This tuna bowl was so freakin’ outstanding that I ate it very very slowly just to make it lasted, because I’m pretty sure I’ll never have sashimi as good as this for a long time!

Two Hawaiian Tuna Poke Bowl-Nautilus

I know what you’re thinking so far, tuna and acai bowls-where’s the really good stuff?  Oh I dug in, believe me!  And here’s what I indulged in!

A homemade waffle ice cream bowl from The Juice Bar-Hand’s down the best dessert I had all summer…Wine with dinner…A Seasonal Berry Tart from The Straight Warf, (my second favorite treat meal of the summer)! Calamari, and Cocktails like the Coco Loco shaken up by the vibrant and hip mixologists at Nautilus.  And the best appetizer I’ve had all summer also came from Nautilus, melt your heart Steamed Pork Buns.  To eat these tacos was truly an experience for my tastebuds.

Steamed Pork Buns-The Nautilus

But here’s the thing, I also balanced the yummy with the healthy.  I shared dessert with my husband.  The first thing my fit conscious hubby and I did when we stopped off the ferry was head to the market to stock our cottage fridge with healthy snacks and breakfast items.  For breakfast we cooked eggs with whole wheat english muffins, made sure to get a few Oatmega chocolate peanut butter protein bars on hand for in between snacking, and stocked up on waters and one of my new favorite summer quenchers, Bai coconut juice.  I chose protein packed salads for every lunch and drank a ton of H2O in between meals and cocktails.

All in all, I’m a huge believer in enjoying la dolce vita, but I’m also really in tune with my food choices and know how I want to feel throughout the day.  A fusion of fit and fab is where it’s at for me on vacation!  Because life is too short to deprive one’s self.

That Waffle Bowl Though!!










  1. I would like to be in your city to discover this amazing food… In France, we have also good food for sure but all this pictures looks really good. I also practice yoga so your blog is really nice for me.
    Thanks for this share,


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