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Creating Space

Let’s face it we’re living in a digital world, where everything revolves around our devices, and there’s no end in sight.  Our phones and email have the potential to own us if we let them.  And the over stimulation we’re accustomed to is starting to feel like the norm.  It’s affecting our brains, our ability to communicate and truly connect, and it’s wreaking havoc on our nervous systems.

Ironically, as I was scrolling through Facebook I came upon a post by Thic Nhat Hanh, a Tibetan monk, that struck me, “Every home, no matter how small, can have a breathing room. We may have a room for everything else— a bathroom, a bedroom, a living room— but most of us don’t have a room for our own breathing and peace of mind…you can make a breathing space or a breathing corner. Your breathing room is a sacred place.”

This idea of creating space from the noisy digital world and all of the daily stressors we face, inspired me.  And so I embarked on the task of digging through the mess that was my basement (5 years of small biz ownership, and no time to tackle the clutter).  It was invigorating, tiring, but mostly exciting!   5 garbage bags later, 8 items of furniture and old toys sent to the garage for donation, and lots of dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming later-the space was clear.

Gracie and I made a trip to the paint store and picked out a color called Wishes (inspired by Young House Love on Pinterest), an off-white creamy and perfectly peaceful color for what we have now dubbed the Zen Den.

It’s been about two weeks since we’ve created our sacred space, and it’s been lovely.  The room is used for yoga, Pilates, journaling, and reading.  It’s also a place where Grace or I go when we need some quiet time or feel overwhelmed.  Just knowing we have this space in the house is very comforting.



Want to create your own space at home where you can unplug from an overcharged day? Here are some tips I picked up along the way when creating The Zen Den:

  1. Color-Choose calming colors that will help you relax.  Skim through some home decor magazines and save clippings of room colors that move you.  Stick with lighter colors to help encourage open space.
  2. Words of Inspiration-Spend some time strolling around a thrift shop and look through their framed prints.  Or head to Etsy and search wall decor for prints and quotes that uplift you.
  3. Mats and Pillows-Make a corner filled with soft pillows or an comfy chair that you can settle into when you write, read or meditate.
  4. Set the Mood-Incorporate music, candles, and essential oils.  I love filling my diffuser with lavender or rose oil to help inspire a calm atmosphere for melting the day away, practicing yoga, and just chilling out.

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