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5 Trainer Tips for Workout Motivation

Find Your Perfect Fitness Fit

Begin the search for a fitness program that you can stick with for the long game. Consistency truly is one of the most important elements of success. Take the time to discover your fitness personality, so that you’re more likely to stick with your chosen activity. Are you someone who thrives in communities and enjoys the social element of working out in groups? Then sign up for a fitness class at a studio. Are you short on time and funds, but also self motivated? Make the initial investment in creating a home workout environment. Choose an online workout class that you can stream for your computer and start lifting. Or maybe you need extra motivation and accountability from a personal trainer. Having a weekly appointment that you’re less likely to break with a trainer could be just what you need to stay committed to your healthy habit.

Having a Why is Good but Having a How is Better

Get clear and write down 3 reasons why getting fit is important to you. In addition to your whys, write down how you’re going to feel when you start seeing results. Once you have your whys start making an action plan. If time is a road block, then sit down with your calendar and take a look at your week. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior and Saturdays and Sundays can be reserved for your exercise routine. Could becoming an early bird help you create space for working out? Carve out the time and schedule in your new workout program, like it’s the most important work meeting on your schedule.

Say No to Overcommitment and Yes to Your Health

If your health is a priority, it’s time to start being honest with yourself, set some boundaries and prove to yourself that you value your time and commitment to feeling stronger, more energized and healthier then ever before. Are there any commitments taking up time in your calendar that you can step away from in order to create more time for a workout? We tend to fill our calendar with all sorts of activities, from volunteering for every school book sale, to staying late at the office again to assist with that big project, and to making sure we attend every single baseball practice and game. Give yourself permission to cut back somewhere or recruit extra support from family, so that you can add a workout session into your week and increase your energy.

Track It

If you’re someone that loves numbers and visuals then track your workouts for motivation. You can use a fitness tracker device that you wear while you exercise. Many devices track steps, calories burned and other measurables on a weekly basis. Some fitness studios, such as Orangetheory take it up a notch, and you’re able to see your data while you workout. You also receive a daily email after your class with your stats that you can compare over the course of an entire year! If you want to keep it simple you can journal your progress as well, with good old pen and paper or online programs such as lifesum.com

Go Recipe Hunting

Go on a hunt for some new recipes and or meal plans that will inspire you to clean out your pantry and fill it with wholesome goodness that will help your body thrive.

Personally Pinterest is my go to, there are endless recipes you can specify searches for. Just type in healthy dinners and you’ll see a variety of recipes to choose from. If you love thumbing through magazines and books, head to your local library or peruse the aisles of your grocery store and pick out a few recipe books or magazines that appeal to you. Facebook is also a good resource as there are tons of community pages you can join that offer recipe sharing and meal plan support.

And if cooking isn’t in your wheelhouse, then try out a meal delivery service such as Green Chef, which happens to have a deal going for $40 off your first order.

So let’s do this! Find your why, map out your how and reap the benefits of a fitness program that will help you feel better than ever.

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