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Total Body Workout for Your Next Vacation!

Vacation is in full swing, and I’ve got the perfect total body band workout that you can do while you’re having fun in the sun!

Check out my workout video below, where I demo several exercises you can do as a 20 minute circuit. I’m using Pro Source Fit Bands, which come in a convenient satchel. Included in the bag of bands is an strap that you can anchor into any doorway. Now there truly are no excuses for not working out while you’re on vaca!

Complete 2-3 Rounds of 20 reps for all Exercises. Experiment with your band resistances. Choose the correct color band to help your reach fatigue for each exercise. Make sure to work through your fullest range of motion.

Pro Source Fit Tube Resistance Bands Set with Attached Handles

Total Body Band Workout

•20 Chest Presses: Stagger your leg stance. Fire up your core and root into the ground as you push your arms forward with intensity.

•20 Squat Band Rows: Sit in an imaginary chair. Bear you weight towards your heels, feeling strong through your glutes. Powerfully pull your arms back, activating your lats and bis.

•20 Overhead Tricep Extensions: Stagger your lower body stance. Fire up your trunk muscles. Raise your elbows towards your temples. Push through a full extension, emphasizing your tris.

•12 Oblique Rotations (Each Side): Root into your legs. Overlap your hands and tap into the energy in your side stomach muscles. Slightly pivot your back foot as you rotate as far as your body can while maintaining a stable spine.

•20 Alternating Lateral Lunges: Hold the band high. Take large steps out to the side, emphasizing the side of your glutes and thighs. Step away from a fully extended opposite leg. Aim for depth.

•20 Squat to Shoulder Presses: Hold the bands high. Sink into your heels and glutes and powerfully explode from the squat to the overhead press.

•20 Total Band Walks (Walk 10 reps to the right & 10 reps to the left): Hold bands high. Sit into a squat position, focus on firing up your hip stabilizers, and really drive into the band as you walk.

•20 Alternating Bicycles: Focus on rotating your ribs towards your opposite thigh. As you rotate pull the band outwards, giving your obliques an extra challenge!

Bands are an awesome exercise tool to travel with, whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work! And they’re portable so they can fit right into your carry on bag,no problem.

The Pro Source Fit Kit comes with 5 color bands that each represent a different resistance level, varying from 2-20 lbs. They also offer an Extreme Band Set that ranges from 20-50lbs, if you’re looking to go heavier. Visit Pro Source Fit and use my promo code Drogersfit15 to receive a 15% discount on your travel bands!

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