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5 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy During Quarantine

5 ways to eat healthy while you’re working from home and always walking by the kitchen.
Simple meal prep hacks-Boil 10 eggs 🥚 and use them in salads, quick snacks or to make an protein packed egg salad sandwich.🥗 Prep chicken breasts with a drizzle of olive oil, diced garlic salt and pepper and dice them up to use in salads throughout the week.
Fill your fruit 🍎 baskets with a variety of choices so you’re reaching for apples, peaches, and avocados 🥑 before you’re searching for processed snacks in the cabinet. I leave tomatoes, and mini peppers out on the counter so I can snack on them in between meals.
Think Protein! 🍗 Include a source of protein in every meal you eat. For breakfast add your favorite nut butter to your waffle or toast. Snacks can be protein bars, low sugar yogurt, protein shakes, or hummus with veggie chips.
Hydrate 💦 with your 8×8 (8oz. of fluids 8x/day) And if you’re tired of water, infuse your water with lemon 🍋 , fruit, or mint. I’ve been into @drinkspindrift sparkling fruit flavored water and really loving the orange mango flavor.
Check in with yourself by asking yourself if you’re really hungry or are you bored and/or stressed. 🤯If you’re bored go take a short walk, read a book, listen to a podcast, call a friend (you get the idea). If you’re stressed find a way to manage it. Take a bath 🛀 at the end of the day. Make time for romance 😘(if you’re married with kids, yes this does need to be schedule sometimes lol).
Find your zen ☯️ whatever that is, but find it, because only you can know what brings you peace and helps you chill out. Make it your priority to find out how to manage your stress, instead of it managing you.
Above all have some grace for yourself right now, cause this is a challenging time and maybe you need some extra support. @iamsarabeth and I are starting our next 4 week challenge soon. DM us for details if you’re ready for extra motivation. 💪🏼 #keepshowingup

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