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Weight Loss & Gut Health

Got weight loss goals? Listen to your gut!

Create an environment on the inside that matches how you want to feel, and helps support your goals.

Your gut is the epicenter of your health. If it’s balanced and functioning well, then it’s primed for proper digestion, and can do exactly what it’s designed to do. Our bodies are wicked smart!

Exercise these 3 simple practices to support your gut health and weight loss goals.

🌱 Replace your processed snacks with whole food options as often as possible. 🍎 Choose an apple, peppers and hummus, or pre-made banana 🍌 oat snack bites over protein bars and pretzel bags.

🌱 Add pre and probiotics to your weekly regimen. These supplements can help support your digestion, reducing bloat and constipation. Need help deciding on supplements? For more insight, read this AGA article HERE.

🌱 Slow down for goodness sake! How can our body process that we’re full and satisfied, when we’re eating in front of our spreadsheets, standing up taking bites in between washing dishes and writing out to do lists (guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️), and being everywhere but where you are. Mindful eating sounds woo woo, but scattered multi-tasking eating is doing a number on your gut in so many ways. Our guts are connected to our minds, and when we’re more mindful we’re supporting our overall health. Ever inhale your meal and then immediately feel hungry one hour later? Stress and digestion don’t mix.

When you eat well and treat yourself well, your body responds to these loving actions. 💕 #Listentoyourgut

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Life truly is an adventure! I’m navigating all it’s twists and turns on the weekly. And all the while, I’m working on balancing coaching, motherhood and family life. Some days I’m riding high, other days I’m treading water. Come explore with me as I dive into all things healthy!

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