About Us

Feel Better than Ever

At Fitness Fusion, we believe in a balanced approach to exercise that incorporates the strength of resistance training, the core stability of Pilates inspired moves and the flexibility of yoga. Our goal is to help you develop your mind-body connection which will lead you to become stronger, move with ease, and feel better than ever before.

We are invested in building a fitness community and aim to create a space that encourages, inspires and supports all those who enter our doors!  No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our team will give you the tools to help you achieve your fullest potential as you work on achieving your personal fitness goals.


Our Services

Personal Training, Private Pilates Sessions, & Basic Private Yoga Sessions

*Our trainers and Pilates instructors want to help you reach your goals and achieve the results you’re looking for ranging from weight loss, to increased strength, flexibility, and endurance.
*Receive one-on-one coaching including customized monthly programs which help you design your work out time in and out of the studio.
*Our certified personal trainers will help you keep track of what you’re eating and provide you with guidance by checking in with you through an online food journal.
*If you have been struggling with an exercise program and are not feeling good in your skin, our personal trainers will coach you toward success by helping you stay focused on your program and committed to your goals.
*Enjoy the privacy of a beautiful and inspiring studio space situated by the beauty of the bay.

Group Exercise Classes

Our innovative classes are taught by experienced certified instructors and personal trainers.  Core strength and functional movement is an important part of the Fusion method.  Our classes are dynamic, music driven, fun and best of all effective!  You will not only feel better then ever, but you will become stronger, more flexible, and more fit then ever!  Below is a list of our class offerings.  For a full class description please view our class schedule.

  • TRX
  • Bristol Barre Blender
  • Piloxing
  • Vinyasa Power Yoga
  • Seasonal Outdoor Boot Camps
  • Seasonal Outdoor Yoga by the Bay

Small Group Training-Affordable personalized training for groups of 3-5 people

*Split the cost of a personal trainer with your friends or join a group put together by Fitness Fusion.
*Enjoy the motivation and accountability of a small group while working hard and laughing together. Laughter burns calories too you know!

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