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Get Spinning with Us!


Our new spin bikes are here! Spin with Nicole will be added to our October schedule. For the ultimate combination of cardio & strength hop into Nicole’s Spin TRX Combo Class, including 1/2 Spin & 1/2 TRX total body sculpting!

Sun., Oct. 5th at 8AM: Free Spin TRX Class Demo
Mon. Oct. 6, 7:15PM: 45 Min. Spin
Wed. Oct. 8, 6:15AM: 6 Week Intro. to Spin Series
Sun. 8AM: 1/2 Spin & 1/2 TRX

Spend this Fall Thriving!

We’ve got you covered as you work toward a stronger, more balanced, and healthier you. From Fit Foodie Workshops, 8 Week Challenges, to Protein Shake recipes-it’s all here!

Here are just some of our amazing Fall Happenings for you to check out:
*Fit Foodie Workshops: Every Monday in September at 7:15PM. These workshops will be led by our very own Tiffany Leblond, who is a dietetic counselor. Tracey Lebeau, from In Pure Harmony, will also be leading one of our workshops discussing Eating for Energy! $20 for drop ins.

*POUND: ROCKOUT. WORKOUT TM: A brand new dynamic and energizing class that will get your heart pumping and help you pound out all your stress! We welcome Sandra Donnelly to Fitness Fusion, as our brand new instructor! This class is on Wed. at 6PM.

*Harvest Wine Run: We are excited to be sponsoring Eident Run’s Wine Run at Newport Vineyards. Run, Wine & then BBQ! Yes, please! We can’t wait to run with our team and enjoy the “fruits” of our labor!

*Protein Shakes: We have put together our own protein shake recipes just for you! We are also now selling vanilla whey protein powder to help boost your energy post workout.

Thrive Thursdays Women on the Move is back on our Facebook Page! We love to honor students at the studio who are inspiring us! Each Thursday throughout the month we will be featuring a student who has demonstrated dedication and consistency toward achieving her health and fitness goals.

Fit N’ Fab



It was a fabulous evening indeed! We celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary on May 30th, and had an exhilarating girl’s night out including an energetic Bristol Barre Blender class DJ’d by Signature Sounds, A Girl in Pearl jewelry showcase, Colleen Elizabeth mini makeovers, and a CAbi trunk show. The fresh and healthy Fit Fusion bites made by Chef Jessica of Creating Healthy Solutions were absolutely delicious! Grateful to all our students who came to celebrate with us and new faces who experienced our studio for the first time. Thank you to all who helped make our Fit N’ Fab Anniversary so very special!

Amanda Scaff, from Mandy Mayberry Photography beautifully captured the details and memories of our Fit N’ Fab event. Check out the photo gallery link:

Spring 2014

Thrive-Women on the Move

Check out our series about Fitness Fusion women who inspire us!  We are grateful for the energy these students bring to our studio each class.


Over the past 7 months, I have been participating in classes at Fitness Fusion with great success both physically and mentally. For me, the sense of well-being I receive from being active on a regular basis far outweighs the physical benefits. The good news to share is not only what I have lost since August – 7 lbs and 11 inches – but, I also want to share what I have gained from my new fitness routine – positive energy that extends into other areas of my life. This sense of physical and mental well-being is what keeps me committed and motivated to my fitness routine. I thrive on this energy! ~Nancy B.



1620676_374788955993938_1084517075_nWomen are amazing! This is Lindsay Jacobs working out in our TRX Sculpt class when she was 32 weeks pregnant. “Staying fit keeps me both physically and emotionally balanced. It also gives me the energy to keep up with my small children who seem to never tire. Being a mother, it is hard to take the time in order to get in a workout but the benefits are always worth it. There has never been a time when I feel worse after working out, it consistently puts me in a good mood and forces me to see myself in a positive light and that’s definitely enough to motivate me! I am thankful to have such an amazing group of ladies to stay fit with.” ~Lindsay



“I am dedicated to running and fitness because of the positive way I feel mentally and physically when I am doing it and when I am done. I have learned to accept in life that there are so many things out of our control. BUT – Fitness is not one of them!! We ALL – on some level – have the ability to get fit and improve how we feel. That is so empowering to know that I can do something to increase the chances of my being happier and healthier for a long time to come. I am dedicated to my own fitness because of how much I love and cherish the people in my life. The more fit I am – the more I have to give. We have the choice to not put ourselves last – and that is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the people we love. It’s important to me that my three sons get to see a strong and happy mom making good decisions for herself and her family. And – I am so happy Fitness Fusion has become part of the plan in my life to stay fit – let’s get out there!!” ~Jill Bogdanovic


1901778_366547466818087_1741624638_nPrior to being a mom, my workouts were primarily a way to lose weight or keep weight off. But since becoming a mom, my mind set has shifted and now I workout to be healthy. By changing the way I think about fitness, I’ve come to enjoy it and look forward to my daily workouts. The friendships I’ve formed through Fitness Fusion have helped me be accountable by knowing that a group is waiting for me either for a run or a class. Having people who just “get” me has brought about a sense of community and belonging, and I’m so thankful for meeting the students of Fitness Fusion! ~Nicole McGovern



Feb. 12, 2014

Finding Balance After the Confetti Settles
As we move into 2014, the craziness of the holidays drifts to a distant memory. The confetti has settled around the goals that we set out with ambition at the start of the New Year. We tend to ease back into what is routine. Sometimes it is that very routine that provided us with unfulfilling results in the year’s prior.

If this is where you find your self as you move through the first few days of February, it is totally fine! So relax. If it were easy to do, no one would have resolutions because you simply would decide on an intended result and it would happen. There is always work involved, but it may not be the work that you thought.

I have found these three practices help me get back on track with my goals and so I wanted to share them with all of you!

Clear Some Mind Space.

We only have so much space to occupy our brains. If we give too much space to the negative voices in our heard there is no room for the positive, encouraging voices to squeeze in. There CERTAINLY will not be room for the positive EXPERIENCES to unfold if we don’t create the room for positive thoughts.

Take 10 minutes to start: watching your thoughts, notice what types of stories come up. To start you are just the ‘Silent Watcher’- Practice this first, everyday 10 minutes. Write down -not what the thoughts are, but what you notice about yourself, your hands, the space between you eye brows, your breath, your pulse. Take it all in. Notice the effects of your thoughts on your physical body.

Create Time.

You will always be too busy. I promise you. Be the creator of time. Carve out the pieces of your calendar in advance that will give you the time. Time is precious, but so are you. There will always be things that pop up and get in the way but don’t give to much time to the story that you are inundated. Remember: Be the CREATOR. (that is powerful).

Find the Present Moment.

The easiest way to find the moment you are in is to direct your focus solely to your breath. The rise and fall of your lungs, the expansion of your rib cage, and the cooling flow the settles your mind. When your mind focuses on your breath only, razor sharp, pin point focus. You are there. Make a decision about what to do next from this vista.

~Tara McGeachey

Feb. 4, 2014


So proud of our Fitness Fusion friends and seeing them commit to be fit!  2014 started off with students writing out their fitness goals on our studio goal wall.


Everyone is giving their all and in classes and getting more motivation from our heart rate games.  They’re also loving our new Cardio Sculpt Class on Monday nights at 6PM!  An invigorating combo of strength training with fun and metabolism boosting cardio moves.


In addition to our indoor programs, our Fitness Fusion Rhode Runners group is off and running strong around Bristol!  Nicole McGovern has been doing a fantastic job leading the 1/2 Marathon & 5K groups on Sunday mornings.  If you’re interested in linking up with our run group and joining our private Facebook page for motivation, email us at  We are training for the United Healthcare 1/2 Marathon on May 4th in Providence and the MS 5K on May 3rd in Bristol.


As part of our many themed Bristol Barre Blender Classes our Battle of the Divas class was a hit!  We loved moving and grooving to the rhythms of Beyonce, Madonna, & Katy Perry!

Add one or all of these heart pumping diva songs to your own playlist and your next workout will feel like a dance party!

Battle of the Divas Playlist!

London Bridge-Fergie

3-Britney Spears

Time Goes By So Slowly-Madonna

Make Me-Janet Jackson

Gimmie Dat-Ciara

Lady Marmalade-Patti Labelle

Single Ladies-Beyonce

Only Girl-Rihanna

Free Your Mind-En Vogue

Get Right-Jennifer Lopez

Firework-Katy Perry

Survivor-Destiny’s Child

On The Floor-Jennifer Lopez


Crazy in Love-Beyonce

Killing Me Softly-Roberta Flack

Through the Rain-Mariah Carey

December 11, 2013

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change for the better, commit to the 10-week New Year, New You Challenge!

Recent challenger success story: “The 8-week challenge I participated in helped me to focus on a weekly workout plan and eating healthier.  Weekly contact with Danielle helped me stick to the plan.  In addition to reaching my goal of “feeling better”,  I was also satisfied with a slimmer and more fit me!” ~Nancy B., dedicated Fitness Fusion student.

Picture 8

November 27, 2013

Holiday Preview


We loved being a part of Downtown Bristol’s festive holiday preview this year!  We enjoyed passing out hot cocoa and tea cookies to all our new visitors and students.   It’s a joy to be a part of this quaint and charming small town filled with big hearts! We also had fun kicking off the snowflake raffle!  For every $25 spent on classes or training you will receive a raffle ticket that enters you into the snowflake raffle drawing which takes place on December 22nd.  If you’re unable to be present for the raffle drawing, you can give your ticket to the Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen and if your number is picked they will receive a cash prize of $500!

October 23, 2013

Happy Healthy Holidays Challenge!

We are here to help you stay motivated throughout the holiday season! We have a Happy Healthy Holidays Challenge in store for you and we’re launching it with some special classes, workshops and events! From TRX date night to nutrition workshops and 5Ks-join in on the fun and stay motivated throughout your holiday season!  For more information on how to enter into our challenge click here for contest rules: NEWSLETTER 


Picture 5

Picture 6

We’re kicking off our Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge with the Colt State Park 5K! Come run with us! Click on the following link to register and receive an early bird rate! Colt State 5K


October 10th 2013 Fitastic Fall Happenings!

Fitness Fusion students are Piloxing, TRX planking, and shaking to the beats of the barre music as they work on falling into fitness in a fierce and fitastic way! It has been a wonderful fall season for all of our students who have shown a commitment to their health and fitness each and every week!

The 8 week challengers are doing amazing as well! With about 3 weeks left, the students participating in our Fit N’ Fierce challenge have gone to classes every week, become more mindful of their food choices, and one even completed a Newport obstacle course event, paddle boarding for the first time ever! Already they have come so far on their journey toward a healthier version of themselves.

To help students stretch out their bodies after a strong week of working out, Fitness Fusion has added a new power vinyasa yoga class for all levels. We’re excited to welcome RYT Tara McGeachey to the studio! She will be teaching yoga on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. It is a 75 minute yoga flow that takes place in a warm room heated to 80 degrees to help you get your zen on!

It’s been an amazing fall season and Fitness Fusion is grateful for all the wonderful energy passing through it’s doors! Keep it coming and look forward to a healthy holiday season as we gear up to help you stay committed to your fitness goals!

August 15th 2013 Barrelates, Vino & Healthy Treats!

We all had a fantastic evening at Fitness Fusion’s Fit Night Out Event! After a great rush of endorphins from a fun fusion class of barre and Pilates, everyone sipped on vino and enjoyed delicious healthy bites. Lauren, our nutritionist, made yummy wasabi dip for whole grain crackers with an Asian dressing. I made Thai Chicken Salad Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. A fun and fit night out was had by all and Fitness Fusion looks forward to hosting another lady’s night out in the future. Stay tuned for the next great event!

August 6th 2013 Metabolism Booster Tabata Challenge

Got 4 Minutes? Do this month’s Metabolism Booster Challenge!! This is a great way to get out of an exercise rut and mix it up! Today you’re going to do 8 rounds of tricep dips & mountain climbers. Videos of all the workouts can be found on Fitness Fusion’s You Tube Channel Want to learn more about this intense method that can transform your body? Read this article:

Picture 13

July 22, 2013 Pilates, Vino, & Healthy Treats Event!
Picture 9

July 14, 2013 Tight Abs & Arms Challenge Videos

All of the exercises for Fitness Fusion’s July Challenge can be found right here! Keep up the great work challengers. Summertime is a a wonderful time to let loose and enjoy the outdoors. It can also be tough to stay committed to one’s health and fitness goals with all the travel and BBQs happening. Fitness Fusion’s challenge is meant to give you 10 minute daily workouts that are totally doable for you to squeeze in between your beach days.






July 7th, 2013 Quick & Easy Grilled Chicken with Red Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes over Couscous


Prep Time:Less then 10 min.
Cook Time: 20 min.

2 red peppers cut up in small quarter pieces
1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes halved
2 cloves of garlic quartered
3 1/2 cups of Nature’s Promise Chicken Stock
6 breasts of Nature’s Promise Individually Wrapped Chicken Breasts in a Bag
1/2 tsp. of sea salt
1/2 tsp. of pepper
4 tbsp. of olive oil
1/4 cup of pignoli nuts (optional)

*Saute red peppers and cherry tomatoes in 1 tbsp. of olive oil until tender (set aside)
*Cut up all chicken breasts into cubes
*Grill chicken in pan with 1 tbsp. of olive oil add sea salt & pepper
*Once chicken is cooked through add 1/2 cup of chicken broth and sauteed peppers & cherry tomatoes. Put skillet in the oven and broil on high for 4 minutes
*While chicken is cooking saute the garlic in olive oil. Remove garlic as it is only used to flavor the oil.
*Boil chicken stock in a small pot add garlic flavored olive oil. Off the heat and add the couscous. Cover the pan and let it sit for 10 minutes.
*Optional add 1/4 cup of pignoli nuts to couscous for added crunch and flavor
*Throw chicken, peppers and tomatoes over couscous and enjoy this delightful, colorful and delicious summer meal!

July 6th, 2013 Fitness Fusion’s Tight Abs & Arms Challenge
Holiday festivities are wonderful but they can also be a tough time to stick with our health and fitness goals. Monday, July 8th I will be posting ‘how to’ videos on Fitness Fusion’s facebook page to help you learn the exercises included in our Tight Abs & Arms Challenge. JeriLyn DiFilippo, one of Fitness Fusion’s devotees, did our June 30 day facebook challenge and said, “It gave me some new ideas and I was able to build my strength. I liked the idea of focusing on food intake as well as exercise.” Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned exercise buff our challenges are a fun and motivating way to mix it up and stay true to your health and fitness goals!

Picture 4

July 3rd, 2013 Yummy Organic Flag Cake for the 4th!

Made this delicious flag cake for the 4th with my little helper Grace. Click here for the recipe made with organic ingredients:


June 26th, 2013 Fitness Fusion Boot Camp at Colt State Park

I’m excited to bring boot camp to Bristol on Thursdays at 6:30 PM starting July 11th! Teens are encouraged to join their parents for this challenging and fun work out. You will get a total body workout while moving from different exercise stations. Boot camp is a combination of a 15 minute Pilates mat workout, 35-40 minutes of circuit strength training exercises and cardio intervals and a lovely yoga stretch to help you recover post workout. Just drop in to class or feel free to e-mail with any questions you may have.


Here’s how to get to our boot camp spot at the fit center in Colt State Park

June 25th, 2013 Play Hard Outdoor Workout

Did you know that your local playground could be one of the best places to get a good workout? In the following video and fit photo collage I break down 5 exercises for you that will take only 5-10 minutes to do. All you have to do is commit to lacing up your sneakers and walk over to the park!

If you want to see exactly how to do this playground circuit click the youtube link and follow along with me on your phone:

Play Hard

June 20th, 2013 Planting the Seed of Fitness

This photo of my mom and I is from a 1983 brochure for her at home personal training business called One-To-One Conditioning. My first teaching experience was as a group exercise instructor for Boston University. But the seed of fitness was planted very early on when I was just a toddler jumping around in mommy and me classes at the Y. My mom started training when the women in her neighborhood asked her for help getting back into shape after baby. Long before trainers were popping up in every gym around the country, my mom was attending fitness conferences in California and talking to Jane Fonda about old school calisthenics.

I can remember doing Reebok step aerobics and Tae-Bo videos with my mom in our living room. The Firm workout tapes were my favorite (yes tapes, no DVD players back then!). It was the first time that I saw women lifting weights and I remember thinking how confident and strong they looked, and how good I felt after learning how to do real push-ups. I was hooked and was eager to share my knowledge with all my friends in high school. I asked my gym teacher if I could do “get fit for prom” classes during lunch hour. So in between math and English I taught my version of Tae-Bo to the high school juniors and seniors.

I am grateful that my mom taught me how to eat more veggies and less candy, exercise as an outlet, scan nutrition labels, and make conscious choices about how I treated my body from the inside out. photo-2

photoNow as a mother myself I love sowing the seeds of health and wellness into my daughter’s upbringing. When she gets excited about munching on kale chips and wants to practice planking with me on her play mat I feel good and that much more connected to my own mom’s teachings.

June 18th, 2013 Office Yoga

Get Up & Stretch with Fitness Fusion’s Office Yoga! Many people spend up to 7 hours or more in a sitting position for their jobs. Try holding one or all of these stretches for 30 seconds each to help give your achy shoulders, hips, and back some much needed relief! ~Namaste~

office yoga

June 8th, 2013 Fitness Fusion’s Open House

We had a great time celebrating Fitness Fusion’s open house on June 8th.  Judy Harff from Start Fresh was on board serving up her delicious kale salad and all natural chocolate nut sauce. Guests enjoyed free chair massages courtesy of Celeste. Awesome prizes were given away.  And family and friends had a great time enjoying our zen studio by the bay on a beautiful Saturday in Bristol!

open house

June 3rd, 2013 30-Day Workout Challenge

Fitness Fusion has launched a 30-Day Workout Challenge. Print out a copy for yourself and join along in the daily challenges to help you reach your fitness goals! Click this link to join our Facebook page and stay motivated with our online work out video clips & photo collages:

Picture 18

June 1st, 2013 Start Fresh’s Chocolate Nut Sauce Recipe 

This is a huge hit with kids – this is my teenage daughter’s staple diet with frozen blueberries after school each day!


*2 c hemp or soy milk (vanilla preferable – almond milk works well for a sweeter result)
*1 cup of almonds (can play around with nut ratio – cashews make it more creamy)
*1 cup of cashews
*14 dates (can adjust according to taste) if I remember I will soak them in milk beforehand in the container
*2-4 T Baking Cocoa (good quality – I use Organic & Fairly Traded)

Blend in Vitamix or other high powered blender until smooth and creamy. It takes a little while blending it before it starts to thicken up to the consistency of pudding. Don’t waste any, add milk at the end to make hot chocolate (may need to add more baking cocoa/nuts/dates). This recipe is great to tweek to suit your own palate – play with it.

So easy, kids love to make it!

There are various ways to serve this:

Delicious served with sliced apple, over strawberries, oranges
Great over frozen sliced strawberries, frozen blueberries/berry mix
or frozen banana on stick

Make it thicker (add more cashews) and serve as a pudding

Freeze in popsicle containers and serve

Hot Choc:
To clean out the container – leave some behind, add milk (with little more powder or dates if needed) and blend until steaming

This is a great way to hide nuts and you can add a few handfuls of fresh spinach for extra nutrients. Packed with antioxidants!

Start Fresh! and start feeding your body with real food to help you achieve a healthy weight from the inside out. Judy Harff of Start Fresh provides educational programs to help teach you how to change your eating habits and create a lifestyle you can maintain. Fad diets and cleanses work-for a short period. When you’re finished with your week of strict deprivation and gimmicks you do lose weight, but not for long. Once a cleanse is over, then what do you do? How do you continue to keep the weight off and make healthy choices for good? Judy shows you just how to do this in her 6 and 12 week programs by teaching you exactly what foods to pack your diet full of, what to shop for with her grocery shopping list guides, and how to even stock your cupboards! Who couldn’t use help making their at home kitchens more healthy and practical? She also gives moms great ideas on how to inspire your whole family to become “nutritarians,” people whose eating choices are based on choosing foods filled with life and packed with the fuel nature intended us to thrive on!

For more yummy recipes and to learn more about how to change your eating habits for good, visit Start Fresh’s Website:

Fitness Fusion’s June Promo: 1/2 the price, all the results!

$6 classes and $10 small group personal training for groups of 3-5. From TRX Sculpting to Pilates mat & Breathing Time Yoga, step into a class and step out feeling better then ever! Want to receive the benefits of focused attention from a personal trainer but can’t afford one on one sessions? Get some friends together or join in on small group personalized training.

Home Page

May 29th, 2013
Join Fitness Fusion’s Facebook page for at home exercise challenges, giveaways, and weekly inspiration!

Try doing one of the May Facebook challenges included below. Tummy Tuneup, Total Body Challenge, & Four Star Abs are just some of the fun and effective work outs you can do at home. All part of Fitness Fusion’s mission to help you achieve results.




May 9th, 2013
Outdoor boot camps are a great way to enjoy the summer weather while getting an incredible total body work out.


Boot campers braved the rainy conditions and brought their best to Fitness Fusion’s first boot camp at Haines Park in Barrington this past Thursday. From kettlebell swings, to medicine ball burpees, and ladder runs the group worked hard until the very last yoga pose, shavasana.



Fitness Fusion Boot Camp starts Thursday, May 9th at 6:30 PM-7:30 PM


Haines Memorial Park East in Barrington


*A fusion of Pilates based core exercises, followed by 40 minutes of timed cardio intervals and circuit training strengthening exercises. Finish off your challenging and invigorating work out with a feel good yoga stretch.

*Runs 8 weeks until Thursday, June 27th

*Intermediate/Advanced levels

*Yoga mats provided

*Since we’re so close to the bike path I encourage students to come early and warm-up with a walk or jog.

*Rain dates will be held at Fitness Fusion studio at 259 Thames St. in downtown Bristol

$12 single visit and $80 pre-paid for 8-weeks.

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