Studio Policies

Welcome to Fitness Fusion! We have created a down to earth studio space that we hope feels like home to you. Below you will find a detailed description of our studio policies.

Class Cards
*We offer drop in classes at $12.00 per class.
*If you find our classes to be a perfect match for you, then you can purchase 5, 10, or 20 class cards. The more classes you purchase the larger the discount. Class cards can be purchased on our website or at the front desk from any of our team members.
*As of 9/1/2014 an expiration date will be placed on class cards. A 5 and 10 class card will expire after 3 months, a 20 class card
will expire after 6 months.
*If you cancel a class that requires a sign up without 12 hours notice, you will be charged for class and we will have to take it off of your class card. We will overlook this rule one time for each client. We want all of our students to be given a chance to take class, and if there is someone on the waiting list, we would like to give them notice so they can join class.
*There is no refund on class cards. In the case of illness, injury, etc., the owner will kindly use her discretion to decide whether a refund or extension can be made on class cards.

Class Cancellations
When 1 person is signed up online for class, we reserve the right to cancel class at least 2 hours prior to start time. That person will recieve an email notification of the cancellation. When 2 people are in attendance for class, that class will be 45 minutes long. If no one has singed up for class online by 2 hours prior to class, the class will be cancelled that day.

Waiting List
Our Mind Body Online signup system for classes, allows 2-3 people to sign up for a full classe’s waiting list. In the event that a spot opens up you will be emailed as soon as a spot becomes available which can happen up until 20 minutes before class.

Groupon Policies

*Groupons are for BRAND NEW students only. If you have taken 3 classes at Fitness Fusion, you are no longer considered a new client. If you have accidentally purchased a Groupon you will have to contact Groupon to redeem your voucher. We can no longer honor Groupons that are purchased by regular clients. If you have received a Groupon as a gift, and are a regular client please contact the studio director Danielle Rogers.
*Groupons expire in 90 days and due to our partnership with Groupon,
we cannot honor Groupon classes after 90 days. Your Groupon must be used in its entirety (all 8 classes) within the 90 days. No exceptions will be made.

Studio Mindfulness
Please be mindful of the following guidelines during class.

*Please refrain from loud personal conversations during class, it
is difficult for others to hear instructions that promote safety. *Starting in September students will not be admitted into class 10 minutes late. This is so that all clients can participate in a sufficient warm up and not risk injury.
*In advance we thank you for wiping down your equipment thoroughly. We provide non-toxic, Eco friendly cleaning supplies to keep your fitness space clean and green.

Personal Training Policies
Our personal trainers work hard to plan for personal training sessions. We also reserve and plan our days around our training sessions. Please honor our time and be mindful of the below policies.
*If a client misses more then 3 sessions in one month, the agreed upon training time slot will be opened up. The client will essentially lose that training spot if excessive cancellations occur.
*Cancellations must be made within 24 hours, or the session will be charged in full.
*It is important that all clients pay for personal training sessions before scheduling sessions. If the package or session has not been paid for, any upcoming sessions will be cancelled.

Thank you for being mindful of our studio and for helping us to create a space where we honor one another.

Best in Health,

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