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6 Minute Hip Stretches

Need to loosen up throughout your lower body? Try this 6 minute series of stretches to help you loosen up! So often we think that more is better. Ditch the all or nothing mindset and aim for small steps when it comes to adding more stretching into your week. A little bit of daily stretching goes a long way when it comes to increasing your mobility. It’s so important to make time for flexibility, so that you can move better, become less injury prone and recover in between your workouts. So give yourself extra stretching this week, enjoy more hip mobility and watch how much better you move and feel.

5 Trainer Tips for Workout Motivation

Find Your Perfect Fitness Fit Begin the search for a fitness program that you can stick with for the long game. Consistency truly is one of the most important elements of success. Take the time to discover your fitness personality, so that you’re more likely to stick with your chosen activity. Are you someone who thrives in communities and enjoys the social element of working out in groups? Then sign up for a fitness class at a studio. Are you short on time and funds, but also self motivated? Make the initial investment in creating a home workout environment. Choose an online workout class that you can stream for your computer and start lifting. Or maybe you need extra motivation and accountability from a personal trainer. Having a weekly appointment that you’re less likely to break with a trainer could be just what you need to stay committed to your healthy habit. Having a Why is Good but Having a How is Better Get clear and write down 3 reasons why getting fit is important …

Quick Circuit for the Road!

Need a quick body weight circuit you can do on the road? I’ve got you covered. With August being one of the biggest vacation months of the year, you’re going to need some moves you can bring with you while you’re on the move! You can do my quick body weight circuit off a beach wall or park bench. You can even use a hotel chair! Complete 3 Rounds of Exercises 1-5 20 Single Leg Tricep Dips-10 with Rt. leg lifted/10 with Lt. leg lifted  Lengthen your spine, open your chest and shoulders and point your elbows back as you dip.  Lift one leg up to intensify the exercise and lift more of your body weight.  Dip as low as you can! Less intensity: Keep both feet on the floor, or bend both knees.  24 Mountain Climbers Maintain a plank form with the heels, hips and shoulders.  Draw your navel in and up throughout.  Drive knee close to chest.  Strong tempo, while maintaining tight form. Less Intensity: Walk the climbers instead of jumping. Step Up …